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At the Ryan T. Scheetz Agency, we can take care of all of your Nebraska and Iowa insurance needs. We are here for you when you need us.


With so much financial turmoil and tumult in the markets today, many investors are looking for sound returns and good fundamentals. We believe that few products can compete with an annuity, we can help guide you along the path to financial independence.

Auto Insurance

Presently we have four companies to help us provide you with the best coverage for your particular needs. While QBE Farmers Union is our preferred company and is usually the best value, we recognize that no two people are alike. Each of these companies we use have their niches at which they are best and we may use the company which best suits your needs.

Business Insurance

You have worked hard to build your own business and here at QBE Farmers Union we have years of experience helping all kinds of businesses. Whether you own a motel, restaurant, body shop, barber shop or anything in between–we and our staff of underwriters understand your specific needs. We will carefully examine your business and its particular exposures so that we can best assist you in making the right decisions for your business.

Disability Insurance

Accidents can happen when you least expect them. But an injury can do more than just impact your physical wellbeing; it can also affect you financially. So if you’re looking to protect yourself from monetary loss resulting from an injury or accident, We can tell you more about our disability insurance plans.

Home Insurance

Farmer Union has a very flexible policy which allows us to custom fit it to your particular needs. We will work closely with you to determine which of their many coverages best suits your needs. We also have a access to other companies for those with different requirements in coverage. Either way, we will help you decide what is best for you. We also have companies specializing in mobile homes.

Life Insurance

While nobody likes to consider the unthinkable, your family has responsibilities which will continue even after you are gone. Our affiliation with Midland National Insurance–a true leader in the industry will help you to make sure of your family’s future and well being. Let us help you to help your family cope with the challenges which they will face.

Long Term Care Insurance

Nobody likes to think about it; but if you needed long term care, would your insurance policy cover it? The surprising answer is that many policies don’t offer long term care coverage, and this means that seniors and others who need dedicated long term care often have to scramble to find ways to pay for expensive ongoing treatment and help with daily chores and tasks. If you’d rather not take chances, come to us for long term care insurance.

Medicare Supplements

If you qualified or soon to be qualified for Medicare you need adequate information about the supplements that are available.  The Medicare supplements have standardized benefits but are diverse.  Many times we can help those looking for the supplements that fit for them at the best price possible.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation should be considered an essential element of any company’s insurance coverage. A single serious injury claim could cost enough to bankrupt a small business; and lost wages or medical bills due to an on-the-job injury could be financially devastating for one of your employees. With workers compensation insurance, you can help eliminate the risk of costly lawsuits and ensure the best possible medical care for any employee who might be injured on the job.

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